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Hectic Work life too hard to take
Frenzied city crowds, you need a break
Looking for solitude of infinite bounds
With nothing to heed but nature’s sounds
Then pack your bags to get ready
The place to be is Masinagudi

Keats and Milton might have given a richer and descriptive perspective but the core point is that Masinagudi is a trip not to be missed.

masinagudi / Mudumalai  tourist attractions

Where is this Masinagudi?

Masinagudi is a stretch of bliss (forest in practical terms) between the Bandipur national park (Karnataka) and Mudhumalai National park (Tamilnadu)in India. Filled with sunlight (day) and moonlight (night) distilled through trees and silence punctuated with cries of the wild, Masinagudi offers hope and scope for weekenders looking for a stint in the wild and trekkers looking for tenacious terrain.




Why Masinagudi ?

Masinagudi offers you the option of having a peaceful, tranquil, beautiful and excellent getaway for a couple of days within the bounds of its Vicinity.

This is a place where you can fraternize with elephants (trained not wild ones), Explore the beauties and bounties of nature and its residents in a jeep or on top of a pachyderm,Quench your taste for adventure by taking long treks and running into expect – the- unexpected variety of incidents.

Exhilarate yourself with the sight of exotic and rare forms of flora and Fauna.

Get euphoric with the Vision of breathtaking birds flying around the Abode.

Spiral yourself into the annals of spirituality under cover of mist at the Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta.

Laze within the magnificent resorts of the area with cozy rooms and mouth watering culinary.

Take a trip to the queen of hills (Ooty) and lose yourself under the spell of the cool climate and captivating scenery.

And finally get back to your hectic lifestyle with a vow to visit Masinagudi again and again and again.


masinagudi tourism


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