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Masingudi (Mudumalai) Seasonal Information 


Seasons those are dear and apparel to wear in Masinagudi :

June to September:

The monsoon season in masinagudi is characterized with short outbursts of showers followed by pleasant climate and alluring green cover.

Masinagudi wildlife Santuary Temperature ranges between 16°C and 28°C.

AS far as apparel is concerned Shorts and T Shirts enough if you are just going to laze around. Do not forget Umbrella or rain coat.

But if you are thinking in terms of hardcore exploration of the wilderness, then bring a pair of sneakers (rubber shoes), Jeans and Tough trousers.


masinagudi / Mudumalai  tourist attractions

October to November:

This is the season when the jungle shows its true colors (green mainly).
The undergrowth would be dense and wildlife plentiful.

Temperature ranges around the 13°C and 21°C mark with Misty mornings and evenings.

Add sweaters and raincoats or umbrellas to your backpack. Have tough shoes for firm grips on wet rocks



December to January:

Welcome to the winter of cool sunny days with misty mornings and dark starry nights. The air would be cold so don’t forget to add sweaters to your apparel kit.

February to April:

End of winter, start of summer. So opt to light clothing and sunscreen lotions if you worry about your skin too much.


It will be hot, with bursts of pre monsoon pour downs.

Stick to light clothing and sunscreen lotions again


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